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It is believed that the Group was started in the mid-seventies by a Mr Broadhouse who was a scene designer with the BBC and who acted as a mentor for local artists in the Group. A few years later his place was taken by Mrs Ellie Soar.  Mrs Soar, who was a fully trained and qualified professional artist, lived in Pangbourne and was Patron of our Group for the rest of her life.

Over the years the Group has become more of a self-help meeting place for artists working in all mediums and developing at their own pace. This means that the PAG welcomes members at all stages of artistic development in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

A typical meeting begins at 1.00 pm. Usually there is some informal chat (as is normal amongst friends!) and we then settle down to do whatever art project we individually have. We stop for a cup of tea at about 3.00 and use the time to look at and comment on each other’s work. We finish each meeting at 4.00pm.

Our membership averages about 30 at any one time and we do have room for more and we welcome members from anywhere. Our furthest member lives in New Zealand and comes to paint with us when he is in this Country. We welcome members of all ages and our oldest member to date stayed painting with us until he was almost 100!

The members are requested to make a contribution to the finances needed to cover the hire of the Village Hall, the costs of promotion and other costs related mainly to our annual exhibition.  This requires us to have a small Committee (elected annually by members) to manage our finances and to organise the various events and activities.

All members are encouraged to get involved with the Committee and with the organisation of the exhibition and other key events.

We have from time to time invited professional artists to demonstrate their skills to us. There have also been trips to Art & Craft Fairs and to Exhibitions.

Some of our more experienced members sell their work at other exhibitions and at local farmers' markets.  From time to time some members display their work at the Royal Berkshire Hospital and also the Art Cafe in Whitchurch.

Throughout the year we collect and donate towards several charities

We are affiliated to the Society of All Artists

About Pangbourne Art Group

Bryan Fowler submitted these 2 miniature paintings to the Miniature Society's Exhibition in


He won an award for his painting ‘ Day’s Work Done’.  

We are very proud of him.  

winner of the 'Ellie Soar Award 2018

Alexander Campbell,

winner of the 'Ellie Soar Award' most improved artist for 2018